How call center agents can accept quality assurance programs

When a company is just rolling-out a Call Quality Assurance program, many agents are not likely going to accept this new change. There are various reasons why they may not accept this program and one is that they are not used to being monitored. But for call center agents to take quality assurance program seriously and for managers to ensure that the program is effective in changing agent behavior, it is crucial that managers address any performance issues with agents. It is also true to suggest that a company knows that the Quality Assurance program is effective based on the results reflected in performance reviews of each agent.

The Call Center QA evaluation results should play an important role in deciding raises for call center agents. But for this to happen, the call center managers must work with human resource managers since they set the method for reviewing employees. One way in which call center agents can take these programs seriously is through training them on an ongoing basis. Secondly, agents should be evaluated on a monthly basis based on how they have been performing. The results of their evaluations should not surprise them because of the coaching and training sessions they participate in on a monthly basis.
Before Call QA programs can be implemented, it is also important that agents are allowed to participate in the creation of these programs. This is to ensure that agents are able to accept the program and use it effectively. Since agents will also be evaluated, it is important that the guidelines and criteria for evaluating call center agents are explained to them. There will always be evaluation forms created specifically for evaluating agents. It is important that agents are also involved in the creation of these forms, since these forms will be used to review their monthly or annual performance.

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